What a few of our clients say about working with Janece Burke

“I have had the privilege of working with TA Davis for over 15 years.  I have worked with Janece Burke for the past 8-10 years when we have needed assistance with difficult positions to fill.  Janece is excellent at listening and understanding my needs.  She is a quick learner and has represented our hotel remarkably well.  She understands my culture and has only presented those individuals that most likely will be a great fit.  She has been very truthful when "selling" my opportunity to those she has presented to me for consideration.  She will keep things confidential and you can trust her that she will only present those applicants that are on a very short list to consider.  When I have presented a change in plans or direction, she has handled the situation very professionally and with grace.  I could not think of a better company and individual to help me with developing my team of professionals.”

Joel Heberlein
Director, Spartan Hospitality Group (ret)
Michigan State University


“As the Human Resources Business Partner, I reached out to Janece when we needed help finding the right candidate to help lead several departments for our store.  We had conducted our own search with not much luck.  Janece was exceptional to work with; communicative, engaging, and professional.  She left no stone unturned and found us three great hires.  Her network and dedication allowed her to bring in candidates that we would not have found on our own and also helped shaped what we thought we wanted for each position.  I would highly recommend working with her and her team!”


Hayley Wasko


“Two years ago, we selected T.A. Davis and in particular Janece Burke to help a community association find a new General Manager. The assignment was difficult for many reasons. The community had endured a number of years of fractured relationships between community members and the administration. The previous GM was fired and there was not a unified sense of direction, purpose and vision left behind. In addition, financial pressures existed after years of mismanagement. Simply put, the association had no plan. I was asked to lead a volunteer ad-hoc committee to find a new GM and we made the decision to hire Janece and I was the primary interface with her on the assignment.

Janece accepted the challenge, was extremely professional in her work, and demonstrated she knew the industry space to the extent it matched our organization. More importantly she instilled confidence to the committee that she would be successful within the financial and calendar parameters. She met that challenge.

But perhaps the most significant thing I remember about the search is that she was willing to listen when we told her about the diversity and unique nature of our community. I issued an invitation, more like a challenge, to come out and experience what the community had to offer. She brought her family and committed a Sunday to meet with key people, as well as experience the best we had to offer in social and recreational amenities. It was invaluable for both of us. Her willingness to invest her time allowed her to gain better understanding in finding a leader who could help us build a vision as well as be a good operating leader. For us, it saved time and gave us reassurance that she understood what we were, and what we were trying to become. It built further confidence that we were on a path to a successful conclusion, which it did.

Janece completed the assignment within budget and in the timeframe we asked for. The new GM continues to do a good job. I was very pleased and would be pleased to be a positive reference for Janece and T.A. Davis.”

Richard W. Pehlke
Lake Carroll Homeowners Association


“Thank you for reaching out to me and in regard to Janece and the interaction we had over the past 3+ years.  I found Janece to be intuitive, genuine and anticipatory in our communication.  The biggest asset was that she listened to what I was conveying in terms of what our teams were seeking in terms of skill set, personality and fit.

I know that the current culture many in the hospitality industry and certainly all industries are going through with many quality professionals out of work, though no fault of their own will be a further opportunity and someone of Janece’s character and trustworthy fortitude that I will recommend to former colleagues and others to assist with in the very near future.

Please do let me know if you need further details or commentary, but overall appreciate that I have Janece in my network to lean on when needed.”


Joe Martino
Pasea Hotel & Spa


“I have nothing but great words and comments as it relates to Janece's support, professionalism and integrity.  I initially was a little put off that the requirement to work with your company was predicated that we only work with you.  But once I started working with Janece, those feelings evaporated.  She really takes the time to understand the company’s needs and desires as it relates to a candidate.  Even when candidates are forwarded, she continues to request feedback to be sure she is sending requested qualified candidates asking for my pros and cons of the candidate so she can make adjustments as needed.

I look forward to being able to work with her on future candidates.”

John Shideler
Otesaga Resort Hotel